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Engineering Services

Are you remodeling? Got a leak you can’t isolate? If you need the advice of the keenest minds in civil engineering, contact Shephard Restoration Engineers (SRE) for comprehensive remodeling, inspection, and reporting services on contemporary and historic buildings in the Delaware Valley.

Our Services Include:

  • Philadelphia Facade Ordinance Inspections and Reports
  • Building Facade/Roofing Investigations and Repair Solutions
  • Storm/Earthquake Damage Investigations and Repair Solutions
  • Historical Commission Interface and Owners Representation
  • Commercial Window Replacement Design
  • High-Reach and Swing Stage Inspections
  • Structural Design, Repair, Strengthening, and Adaptive Reuse
  • Due-Diligence Inspections

Why Shephard Restoration Engineers?

  • 16 Years of Engineering Experience
  • Specialization in Contemporary Buildings and Historic Buildings
  • All Inspections Performed by Registered Professional Engineer
  • Recommendations of Trusted Contractors to Perform Desired Work
  • Projects of All Sizes (Private Homes to Hospitals and Universities)
  • Building Envelope Consultation (Including Professional Recommendations on Energy Efficiency)

About Shephard Restoration Engineers, Inc.

Shephard Restoration Engineers, Inc. was established in 2010 by Theresa Pearce Shephard, P.E., Assoc. AIA, a respected civil engineer with 16 years of engineering experience in the Delaware Valley. SRE specializes in restoration engineering services for historic and contemporary buildings. This can include a comprehensive building envelope consultation for historic or modern buildings, which will be a non-biased, professional evaluation of any building envelope problems your building is experiencing.

SRE offers engineering consultation on a wide variety of projects, from window replacements on historic buildings to complete condominium restorations for 30-year-old high rise buildings. SRE has extensive engineering experience with a variety of building structures, including multi-unit residential buildings, K-12 schools, custom residential homes, colleges and university buildings, churches, and commercial buildings.

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